WFPN Rock 107.1 is one of the few stations that still plays music from original vinyl records, released many years ago by live DJs who would announce the son...

About WFPN ROCK 107.1
  • What genres does WFPN ROCK 107.1 play?
    WFPN ROCK 107.1 plays on these genres: OldiesĀ Hard RockĀ RockĀ MusicĀ 
  • Does listening to WFPN ROCK 107.1 use internet data?
    Yes. WFPN ROCK 107.1 is an internet radio. Internet radio is a technology that continuously transmits streaming audio over the internet to your computer. So It uses data while you are listening to.
  • How much data does listening to WFPN ROCK 107.1 use?
    WFPN ROCK 107.1 is a normal quality radio station and it uses approximately 60MB per hour.
    Low quality is typically 64kbps. On average, Low-quality radio streaming uses 0.48MB per minute or 28.8MB per hour.
    Normal quality radio is typically 128kbps. Normal-quality radio streaming uses 0.96MB per minute or 57.6MB per hour on average.
    High quality radio is typically 320kbps. High-quality streaming radio uses 2.40MB per minute or 115.2MB per hour on average.
  • In which platforms can I listen to WFPN ROCK 107.1?
    Listen to WFPN ROCK 107.1 by, RadioBox Android and iPhone Apps.
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